I started working with Amy ten days after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41. I was terrified and in shock and spending most of my time wondering why this had happened to me. From that very first session, Amy gave me tools to manage my emotions, calm my mind, and ultimately, heal my body. Using Amy's methods, I was able to manage the side effects of my treatment, from chemotherapy through surgery and radiation, and maintain a positive, hopeful attitude about my outcome. More often than not, it was Amy's tools, more than any drug or supplement, that were able to soothe or counteract the physical effects of my treatment program. And I am 100% convinced that the positive outlook I maintained throughout it all was a key ingredient to healing my body and ending up cancer-free. In fact, I came away from the entire experience full of love and gratitude - a new person. Amy changed my life!

"The last year and a half have been the most difficult of my life.  I was barely able to make it through the days and my therapist recommended I meet with Amy.  Amy is a source of light, comfort and peace.  After I started seeing her I felt like I had more tools to help me stay calm and grounded.  Her work has helped me to move forward in my life, start sleeping through the night again and hold on to a little bit of hope through my darkest days.” -AA

“As an Australian it’s not an Inherent part of our culture to seek out therapy. I’ve never felt the need to seek someone’s advice on my life. However what amy does for me feels like therapy on a far deeper soul level. It’s hard to tangibly put it into words what exactly she does but I always walk out feeling energized electric and alive after the sessions. My body holds a vibration for hours after and there is a lightness of being.  You are opened up to a different way of discovering solutions in your life that all move towards making your life better.”

— Kate A.

 "Amy crossed my path at a time when I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I had plateaued in all parts of my life.  My search for answers to the question of how I could re-energize and enhance my business, personal and family dynamics had come up empty.  It felt like the harder I worked in each area the further I fell behind.  Amy has a unique, immediate and powerful ability to empathize with any challenges I am dealing with at any given moment.  She has provided me with highly customized tools to find the answers I have been looking for and, most importantly, has gifted me those tools in a practical and rational way that has really resonated with me.  As of today, with Amy’s help and support, I have meditated for 297 days in a row and I am unquestionably happier, healthier, and more successful than at any other point in my 45 years.  She’s had a monumental impact on my life and I am so thankful that she’s in it."

— Larry A.

"My work as a coach/consultant to women entrepreneurs requires an intense amount of focus.  I worked with Amy to help me hone my focus, learn how to use ‘silence’ as a practice to better decision-making and stay clear on my personal & professional objectives.  Amy has a very calm & reassuring presence. I highly recommend Amy if you are looking to up-level your insight, thinking, focus and clarity!"

— Joy Chudacoff, Founder & CEO Smart Women Smart Solutions® and creator of the popular podcast for women, ‘She’s Got Moxie’ on iTunes.

"Amy...I want to thank you for your help.  As you know I developed a problem with heights and for a skier, that is almost a "Death Sentence”! The sessions with you and the tapes you created for me of our sessions have worked "Miracles”! The last 2ski seasons, I have NOT had any issue with the heights and have been skiing more Black Diamonds (most difficult and steepest terrain) than ever before.  I can look down the mountain and my stomach does not quiver. Nothing else worked, so again....thank you!"

— Marvin Cherin

"Thank you SOOOOOO much for what you do for me and for everyone with your amazing words, technique and kindness. It has been the most restorative thing I have ever found for myself in my ongoing quest to rid myself of anxiety issues. SO grateful to have found you."

— Jo C.

"What can I say other than Amy Budden and her Hypno- meditations are pure MAGIC !!!!!!! It's like going on a deep mystical journey or vision quest that takes you deep within to talk directly to your soul. The clarity, visions and downloads I received in Amy's sessions are not only deeply calming and relaxing but also life changing. Over the years I have worked with tons of meditation teachers and I can honestly say with the guided visionary, sound beats and all the other goodies Amy mixes into her special unique way of doing her craft will literally BLOW YOUR FREAK'N  MIND ! I have also sent TONS of my pregnant clients to her ( and they all LOVE her)  to help prepare them for childbirth and clear deep rooted fear which has been SUPER helpful in the birth space especially with pain management. Many people go to the jungles of foreign lands to do ayauaska to get the answers from with in ... I go to Amy."

— Lori Bregman Doula, pregnancy coach and Author of "The Mindful Mom To Be"  

"Amy's attention to detail in guided meditation really helped me with blocking any feelings of sensory overload as I went into surgery. Her gentle suggestion to trust in the people who were taking care of me both during and after surgery, allowed me to let go of any need to control, and to relax into the feeling of being nurtured."

— Desi Bartlett Pre and Post Natal Yoga Educator

"I was shocked and amazed by the positive results from my sessions with Amy. She helped me create a regular meditation practice and her techniques completely helped my anxiety. Also, as we worked together, we began setting goals and reaching them in a very short amount of time. This is a great way to stay motivated,clear and change behavior to get the results you want."

— Jessica G

"Amy helped me transform my life.  When I first came to her I hadn’t felt well in years and my life was overwhelming me. I had lost my sense of joy, my drive and instead was struggling with anxiety.   I committed to going weekly and listening daily to her recordings.  Not only do I feel well, full of energy and inspired, but I opened up a meditation and mindful living studio to share this experience with my family, friends and community.  I am forever grateful."

— Natalie Kiwi of Soul Hum

"I first came to Amy for help with my fear of flying, which had gotten progressively worse over the years, to the point where I'd have panic attacks throughout every flight.  Amy's hypnotherapy sessions and tools for coping with flying anxiety made unmedicated air travel possible for me.  I had such success conquering my flying anxiety, I returned to Amy to tackle my chronic insomnia. After a few sessions, and armed with recordings to listen to at home, I was finally able to gain some control over my insomnia, and my anxious mind in general.  Amy continues to help me in other aspects -- creative, professional, life balance -- and her unflagging encouragement has been a major motivator for me.

— P. J

"Before I met Amy, I suffered from extreme anxiety and related heart palpitations.  Amy introduced me to meditation.   Her meditation and hypnotherapy sessions are amazing!   After about a month, my symptoms vanished.  They do come back now and then — it’s something I will struggle with all my life.   But during those times, I know to rededicate myself to meditation and to apply Amy’s teachings.  I am very thankful to Amy for all she’s done for me!"

— Emma H.   

"Amy has a powerful sense of intuition and deep compassion, paired with her life-changing and transformative tools for meditation and frequency / sound healing that she uses to calm the mind and restore one’s sense of well-being.  When I was going through some challenging and painful life events, Amy was a source of support and comfort – as well as offering a means by which I was able to begin to shift my experience to connect with my own intuition and find the courage to move forward in ways that felt better aligned with my true desires."

— T.K

"I’ve taken Amy’s meditation class for over a year and it is far superior to any meditation I’ve ever done.  Actually, I’ve never had success with meditation before Amy’s class. I believe her background in hypnosis allows her to help clients become deeply relaxed and receive the full benefit of meditation.  She’s the best!"

— Kim

"I initially came to Amy when I was 5 months pregnant, and fearful about the type of birth I would have because my Mother and Sister both had emergency labors.  I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to give birth naturally, the way I had intended.  Amy was a godsend.  She helped me through the following months to completely let go of my fears and feel empowered.  I ended up with a beautiful, calm birth story.  It was better than I had ever imagined.  I’m so thankful I found Amy because I never would have felt so prepared mentally without her hypnotherapy work.  I gave birth over 2 years ago now and I still frequently see her.  She helps focus my mind  on anything I’m currently tackling whether it be motherhood, career obstacles or health.  I’ve sent many friends to her, and every single one has responded that their session was even better than I had described.  The recordings you receive to meditate to after your session are priceless.  I listen to mine every night and fall into the deepest most tranquil sleep.  Her voice is so soothing.  I swear you will never feel more peaceful, light and optimistic as you do walking out of a session with Amy!"  

— E.P.

"Amy has a powerful sense of intuition and deep compassion, paired with her life-changing and transformative tools for meditation and frequency / sound healing that she uses to calm the mind and restore one’s sense of well-being.  When I was going through some challenging and painful life events, Amy was a source of support and comfort – as well as offering a means by which I was able to begin to shift my experience to connect with my own intuition and find the courage to move forward in ways that felt better aligned with my true desires."


Working with Amy has been truly life changing! I started working with Amy at the suggestion of a friend a little over a year ago.  The transformation I have seen in my life over this past year has been remarkable and has been noticed by family and friends.  I am calmer, , more focused, happier, can better cope with stress and I am more in touch with who I am and who I want to be.  I have discovered things about myself and have embarked on an entirely new journey all starting from the work I have done with Amy.  

A session with Amy is part meditation, part therapy and at times part bliss. In all honesty, it is near impossible to explain what a session with Amy is like.  It is different for everyone as she completely customizes the session based on your needs.   I am always eager to see what happens as I never can predict where a session will take us.

Amy, thank you for all you have done for me.  I am a better person, mother, and wife after having been given the gift of working with you.  

— Stephanie

"I had several complications during my pregnancy and was placed on bedrest. Needless to say, it was extremely difficult and I had a lot of anxiety. My therapist recommended Amy because she said her work went deeper. I'm a pragmatic person and initially hypno-meditation seemed a bit "new agey" to me. I walked into Amy's sessions a sceptic; yet, now I can say that working with Amy was a game changer. First, Amy was amazing at sifting through a lot of the stuff that was emotionally weighing me down. She then tailored each guided meditation to fit my needs. I was able to face issues that I had been avoiding and actively change negative thought patterns I had held on to for many years.  I can confidently say that my work with her was one of the reasons my baby and I both thrived during that challenging time. I can also say that working through those issues have made me a better mom. I have continued to work with Amy after my pregnancy on areas such as managing work/life balance and moving forward in my career. Anyone who gets a session with Amy and does the work, will see how it helps you slow down your thoughts, take a step back, and be less reactive to your surroundings. You are able to truly feel in the moment a greater deal of the time--which is so crucial these days."

— K.P