Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming are used to reprogram the mind. Repetition in the imagery creates new neural pathways to a new groove, break habitual behaviors and cope with the stresses of life.  Through the use of guided and visual imagery, Amy connects her clients to who they really are.   Each of her sessions are recorded so that the clients have a takeaway to jump start their practice and reinforce the new program.  


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Meditation with Binaural Technology & Brainwave Entertrainment

Amy works closely with her clients to provide customized guided meditations paired with sound frequencies that encourage the deepest form of relaxation. Brainwave entrainment is simply the act of stimulating the brain through specialized audio recordings to change the pattern of your brain waves. This is done through a scientific method called “frequency following” response (FFR) which gets the brain waves to follow the frequency of the recording.  The Binaural beats are experienced through headphones with the gentle sound of her voice in the background guiding you to a better version of yourself. 


Photon Therapy

In partnership with a number of doctors including Dr Michael Galitzer, Amy works with new photon frequencies in eyeglasses that stimulate the creation of melatonin  (red light) or create a neural chemical cascade of serotonin and dopamine by stimulating the brain thru the optic nerve. This improves sleep and up regulates mood.  This type of light therapy has been known to enhance up to 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Photon therapy also strengthens your visual sense and directs energy to your pineal gland and brain, which aids in the anti-aging process and fights cancers from developing in the body.   Our mood and health are heavily controlled by hormones. And hormones are controlled by the light which we absorb with our eyes. As the creator of the energy eye glasses, Dieter Jossner, writes: Hormones for our health and wellbeing are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which are controlled by light. Their existence is the immediate reaction to the absorption of natural light or light with equal physical properties. An energy boost with simulated sunlight in the morning has the effect of a sudden impact on our biological system.  Red light has successfully been used for a long time in the energetic medicine field.  Source



Music is meant to be seen and felt, as well as heard. VibraSound® is a proprietary technology that allows the user to hear, see, and feel music in every cell of their body. It is based upon the Theory of Sensory Resonance developed by Don Estes, which states that the key to health and happiness is the ability to Experience life as much as Analyze it.  Too much analysis leaves one short of experience.  Experience actualizes in human consciousness as either pleasure or pain.  The VibraSound Experience can help bring about a state of pleasurable experience called Sensory Resonance.  This “Healthy Pleasure” has Applications in just about every field of medicine, psychiatry, stress management, recreation, and entertainment.  Sensory Resonance is a state of mind that occurs when one is extremely excited, challenged or relaxed in a pleasurable experience.  It cannot be achieved under conditions of boredom, threat, or pain.  VibraSound® was designed to help users relax and become inspired at the same time by synchronizing their senses of Sight, Sound, and Vibration with a unique form of Music Therapy that allows them to simultaneously see, hear, and feel the harmonic vibrations.  Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time can lead to states of Sensory Resonance that can bolster one’s health by helping to balance the Automatic Nervous System, the body’s number one control mechanism.  


Reiki & Breathwork

Amy is a trained Reiki practitioner, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  She combines breath work with Reiki to connect clients to their breath, release anxiety and gain insight.  Amy is hired by private clients to do breath work workshops &  classes and  teaches weekly public classes at Unplug Meditation.. She has taught  it to some of the top executives in the state. Her private practice is a time for clients to learn various techniques of breathing to a restore and help facilitate lasting change in their nervous system and emotional state.  Simply put, when we learn to breathe, we learn to relax  and we release old emotional baggage or old stories.  It is the fastest way to get insight, move thru anxiety, depression and the blockages that hold us back.