I Joined a Meditation Studio and It Changed My Brain

My mind was a mess – full of intrusive thoughts. I was either worried about the future or beating myself up about the past. Rarely was I in the elusive mindful state of the blissful present moment. I fell for almost every trigger life threw at me. 

I was fed up and knew it was time for a change.

Enter Unplug, the world's first drop-in, secular meditation studio. It offers totally do-able mediation in fifty and thirty-minute classes designed for members to ‘drop in’ and zen out. Forget two-hour sits - that was beyond my meditation capabilities. Unplug gave me what I needed most - a quick dose of mindfulness in the midst of hectic city life.

Unplug meditation teacher Amy Budden harnesses the power of heart coherence to cultivate an elevated emotion such as love or joy, associate that elevated feeling with a thought, and then “broadcast” it out into the world. The culminated effect of an elevated thought for a sustained about of time quickly changed my “state of being” from tense and stressful to feeling like a floaty bliss ball. The health benefits of achieving heart coherence are far-reaching - including clear thinking and a healthier body.

Breathwork is a very active meditation that uses a simple but powerful pattern of two inhales and one exhale – all through the mouth – to recalibrate our nervous system and free up stuck energy – aka past trauma. There’s a saying that "our issues are in our tissues". Breathwork frees the body from stuck energy. In this profound energy shift, I felt hot or cold and light to intense energy throughout vibrating throughout my body. 

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