Freeze Frame Technique From Heart Math Institute

Here is a way to strengthen and activate the parasympathetic nervous system by activating neurons in the heart. This creates a heart brain coherence that creates positive emotional states.

Move from frictional consciousness to harmony consciousness.

  1. Recognize the stressful feeling, and FREEZE FRAME it. Take a time out.

  2. Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from the racing mind or disturbed emotions to the area around your heart. You can pretend that you jare breathing thru your heart to help focus energy in this area. Keep your focus there for ten seconds or more.

  3. Recall a positive, fun feeling or time you’ve had in life and attempt to re-experience it.

  4. Now use your intuition common sense and sincerity-- ask your heart, what would be a more efficient response to the situation, one that will minimize future stress?

  5. Listen to what your heart says in answer to your question. Its an effective way to put your reactive mind and emotions in check and an inhouse source of common sense sense solutions.