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Thank you SOOOOOO much for what you do for me and for everyone with your amazing words, technique and kindness. It has been the most restorative thing I have ever found for myself in my ongoing quest to rid myself of anxiety issues. SO grateful to have found you. Jo C.

What can I say other than Amy Budden and her Hypno- meditations are pure MAGIC !!!!!!! It's like going on a deep mystical journey or vision quest that takes you deep within to talk directly to your soul. The clarity, visions and downloads I received in Amy's sessions are not only deeply calming and relaxing but also life changing. Over the years I have worked with tons of meditation teachers and I can honestly say with the guided visionary, sound beats and all the other goodies Amy mixes into her special unique way of doing her craft will literally BLOW YOUR FREAK'N  MIND ! I have also sent TONS of my pregnant clients to her ( and they all LOVE her)  to help prepare them for childbirth and clear deep rooted fear which has been SUPER helpful in the birth space especially with pain management. Many people go to the jungles of foreign lands to do ayauaska to get the answers from with in ... I go to Amy. - Lori Bregman Doula, pregnancy coach and Author of "The Mindful Mom To Be"  

'Amy's attention to detail in guided meditation really helped me with blocking any feelings of sensory overload as I went into surgery. Her gentle suggestion to trust in the people who were taking care of me both during and after surgery, allowed me to let go of any need to control, and to relax into the feeling of being nurtured. ' -Desi Bartlett Pre and Post Natal Yoga Educator

 I was shocked and amazed by the positive results from my sessions with Amy. She helped me create a regular meditation practice and her techniques completely helped my anxiety. Also, as we worked together, we began setting goals and reaching them in a very short amount of time. This is a great way to stay motivated,clear and change behavior to get the results you want  . -Jessica G