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Change your brain to change your mind through meditation. 



Meditation  tools  to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Private Sessions with  hypnotherapeutic imagery and binaural technology available. Release phobias, fears, hardwire happiness and create new neural pathways to start living in technicolor.

Private Group Class with Binaural Frequencies and the Takeaway of a Recording. 

  • Amy Budden C.Ht
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Member of Local No 476
  • Member of the American Hypnosis Association


Amy Budden worked as a Hollywood film editor for 10 years. When a personal  "life quake" hit  in the form of a health issue , Amy started meditating as a way to recharge. She has been meditating daily for 12 years.  Her  meditation practice expanded again with hypnotherapy when a close family member became ill. By incorporating hypnotherapeutic tools and sound frequencies to create a relaxed state of focused concentration, Amy was able to help her family member  train her own brain to heal her body. Her family member is now thriving and continues to inspire Amy Budden - connect the mind's practice.

As a certified hypnotherapist, Amy Budden - Connect the mind guides her clients into a naturally induced state of self-optimization by which they can use the full power of their minds to enhance creativity, release fear, and tap into their greatest potential. Amy empowers her clients to access their own ultimate state of flow.

Amy also provides meditation instruction, guided meditations in a corporate environment and personalized recorded meditations for small groups. Her process is unique in the way she uses the technology of music frequencies to facilitate deep relaxation .

Amy Budden - Connect the mind is specifically trained in: ADHD, Therapeutic Imagery for Chronic Ailments, Imagery for Creativity,  Releasing Stress and Anxiety, Life Passages, Pain Management, Insomnia, Stress and Anxiety, Weight Loss, Imagery for Creativity, Biofeedback and EFT. Amy has partnered with  Lori Bregman,  to use meditation and hypnosis to facilitate a joyful birth experience.  Download the series of meditations for  fertility and childbirth on the collaboration page.  


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In her work with children, Amy specializes in insomnia management, minimizing anxiety and fear, and improving scholastic performance.

Her offices are located in the Pacific Palisades, West LA, and Tarzana. She also works via Face Time and over the phone. You can also contact Amy Budden through this website


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